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4 Icebreaker Games for Kids

When a new class or other groups of children have to regroup, it is often not easy for those involved. We speak from experience, as we also often have classes visiting us in our accommodation at Kochelsee who hardly know each other. It is important to break the ice and take away the children’s initial inhibitions about getting to know each other.

That’s why we’ve picked out the best icebreaker games for you to get the kids off to a good start. Es ist wichtig, das Eis zu brechen und den Kindern die anfänglichen Hemmungen zu nehmen, sich gegenseitig kennen zu lernen.

Change of place

All players sit in a circle of chairs. The game leader stands in the middle of the circle of chairs. She gives instructions like: “All children with blond hair change places.” Then all the children with blond hair change places. After a few changes of places, the game leader can also ask personal questions such as: “Who has siblings?”.

Attention: The game leader must show tact when choosing the questions.

The ball of wool

All the children are blindfolded or close their eyes – be careful, there is a risk of cheating ? They all move around the room and try to find the other children.

When 2 children meet they must first stop and agree on how they will maintain physical contact. For example, they can hold hands, hook or reach around the waist. Afterwards, the couples try to find other couples. In this way, smaller groups gradually form until all the children have become one big ball.

Attention: The game leader must keep an overview. If a child does not find a connection, she may have to help.

Which animal are you?

Animal roles are suitable for drawing out children’s sensitivities. The children stand in a circle. One by one, a child steps into the middle of the circle. The game leader asks: “Which animal are you right now?” and the children slip into their roles. After the circle game, the circle dissolves and all the children run through the room as animals. First each animal for itself. After a short time, the animals can make contact. You can ask the group: What is it like when hare and fox meet? Or when deer and tiger meet?

Attention: The leadership should give each child enough time to really bring their animal to life.

The snake game

The group forms a long queue. They walk one after the other through the room. The first child starts with a movement. The other children pick up the movement and imitate it. When the movement has reached the last child, the last child may join the front. Later, noises may also be added.

Attention: The game can also be played on speed. The aim is to make movements and sounds move from the “head” to the “tail” as quickly as possible so that the last child in the queue can quickly move to the front to the first position.

After the warm-up programme, the room selection can begin. Our group accommodation in the mountains offers different room sizes. So there is something for every child.

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