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3 reasons why you should travel alone

You want to get out? Experience the nature? And are you looking for the perfect retreat in the Bavarian Pre-Alps? You don’t have a travel partner and are annoyed by double room fees?

In this post we show you the 3 advantages of travelling alone:

1. You become more attentive!

When you walk alone through nature, you will suddenly notice completely different things: many small details, such as the chirping of birds. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of nature in a completely different way because, unlike when travelling with friends, you will talk less and pay attention to many other things. If you look closer, you will realise that the beauty of the world lies in the smallest details and that the world has more to offer than just famous sights.

2. You get to know new people!

People are comfortable. When he is out with friends, he automatically doesn’t communicate as much with his environment. When you are travelling alone, it is easier but also more necessary to meet people. What could be better than meeting new friends? Our hostel often hosts guests from all over the world. So why not listen to the stories of other guests and get to know new cultures over a bike drink.

3. Your language skills improve!

Another advantage is that you can improve your English skills by talking to guests from other countries. If there is any uncertainty, you can always communicate with your hands and feet. You are sure to experience funny moments and the fun will certainly not be neglected.

Were our 3 advantages able to convince you?

For those who are looking for the ideal nest and like to sleep alone, there is the Martinskopfzimmer. You will also find a desk and lockable cupboards in the room. If you do want company overnight, there is a comfortable pull-out bed.

For those who value community but don’t have a travel partner, the Herzogstand room is the perfect solution. Our shared room consists of 6 beds. From each of the beds you have a view either of the mountain of the same name or of our large terrace with sunbathing lawn. Of course, the room also offers one lockable wardrobe per person.

When can we welcome you at Hostel Bergblick? We look forward to seeing you!