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3 Adventure games for children in the school hostel

How do you keep kids busy in nature without them getting bored? And how can school classes be kept happy and encouraged through play?

The wonderful nature around the Walchensee invites you to many adventures. Especially for youth camps or school camps our Hostel Bergblick offers the perfect base camp.

Playing together is very important for the development of children. They develop cohesion and learn to abide by rules.

To make sure our little guests don’t get bored, we’ve picked out the 3 funniest group games for school trips that will drive any nature lover outdoors.

Of course, if it rains, you can play all the games indoors. Have fun!

We start with a classic warm-up game.

1. Watch out, security guard!

The players line up standing in a circle. One player is blindfolded and stands in the middle of the circle. He gets a newspaper in his hand and a bunch of keys is placed in front of his feet. The players in the circle must now try to steal the key. If the “watchman” thinks he hears something, he may strike around with the newspaper roll. Therefore, the other players must try to proceed as quietly as possible. Another variation would be the following: each teammate has a clothespin that they must try to clip onto the clothes of the player in the middle.

2. Who will survive?

This game can be played on an open space at night or in a dark room. All players, except one, get a glow-in-the-dark bracelet. The individual player is the offender and gets a softball. He tries to throw off the other players. If a teammate was hit, he must hand over the bending light and thus becomes a co-perpetrator. Whoever has the last bend light at the end survives.

3. Capture the Flag

A popular classic. The players are divided into two teams of equal size. Both teams have their own territory staked out. Both teams have a flag that must be placed in the ground in their own territory in a clearly visible place. The aim of the game is to bring the opponent’s flag into your own territory. But you can’t get caught in the process. If you get knocked off by the opposing player, you go to the opposing prison. This is guarded at a distance of 3 meters by a prison guard of the respective team. A player can only be released if a player of his own team knocks him off. If the flag is successfully stolen, it must be put in the ground of your own territory. So the game is over ?

For all these games you will find the suitable room or terrain in our accommodation at the Kochelsee. We have a large garden, which the children are allowed to occupy at any time as they wish.

After playing we always like to spoil our guests with a good refreshment and offer delicious pizzas or pasta for lunch (by arrangement).

Curious now? Then feel free to write to us!